Creating Facebook Application

To create a new facebook application ,go to the link or

If you are not a developer, you need to register as a developer.

register as a developer

Click on the “Register as a Developer” link (highlighted above).

Facebook Developers 2

In the first step “Accept the terms” and click continue.

Facebook Developers 3

In the second step “Tell us about you”, select the appropriate section and click continue.

Facebook Developers 4

Now you are a Facebook Developer. Click “Done” and you can now create the application.

create new app 2

Click on the “Create New App” link.

If you have a developer account in facebook, click on the ‘Apps’ link in the header and you can create a new app.

new app FB New App

Select the platform “Website”.

FB New App 2


Now enter the app name and click on the “Create New Facebook App ID” or click on the “Skip and Create App ID” button.


create new app

In this page enter your App Display name, Namespace (optional), select the category and click “Create App”.


Enter the security check and click “Continue”.


The application id and application secret are now ready.

Here the app is in development mode. Only the developer can view the posts now.

To make the app ‘Live’, please go to the ‘Status & Review’ page.


In this page please select the ‘Live’ mode by selecting the ‘YES’ button. (Sometime it will ask for the contact email address to make the app live. In such a case, please go to the settings page and do as given below. After completing the 2nd step please return to this section and make the app live.)

Now a ‘green indicator’ will display next to the app name as in the above image.

Now go to the ‘Settings’ page of the app.

add platorm


In this page first enter the contact email and then click on the ‘+ Add Platform’ link. It will display some platforms for the app.



Here select the platform ‘Website’ and display the section to enter the website details.

site url

In the “Site URL” section, enter the url of your site and click “Save Changes”.

You can now use the facebook app keys in the plugin.

After entering the keys in the facebook settings page, you need to “Authorize” the account. You can see the FB pages in the settings page only after authorizing FB account.

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